Physical Therapy & Athletic Rehab, LLC.

“Bridging the Gap between Rehab & Performance”

McCormick Physical Therapy & Athletic Rehab, LLC is dedicated to helping you bridge the gap between rehab and performance by restoring symmetry and balance in your functional movement patterns. Those movement patterns correlate with your sport, recreation, or lifestyle in order to reduce pain, prevent injury, and maximize performance.

What People Are Saying....

  • From someone who thought becoming a runner in her 40’s was a good idea….
    I sought help from McCormick PT & Athletic Rehab as I was experiencing progressive injuries and pain in my left hip, knee, and foot, to the point that it was effecting my training and sleep. I thought I just needed to train through it, but it was getting worse. I started taking anti-inflammatory supplements and ibuprofen daily for my aching hip and knee. When plantar fasciitis set in, it crippled my running.  I finally took a two months hiatus from my exercise regime to see if it would help.  More than one health care provider, including my family doctor, suggested giving up running, but I have a goal to complete a ½ marathon this year (after just becoming a “runner” the year before…nuts, I know).  Kelly listened to what was going on and didn’t admonish my “mid-life crisis” objective.  Instead, after her assessment, she identified some areas of restricted flexibility that could be contributing to the progressive nature of my injuries, and gave me some exercises and stretches to do. After just a couple weeks of practicing the recommended exercises & stretches on my own, I noticed a marked difference in my running performance (I was consistently reaching 3 miles with no grinding pain)!  Now a couple months later, the ache in my hip that plagued me for the better part of a year is no longer present (and I’m back up to almost 7 miles!)
    ~ Jessica M., Edwardsville, IL
  • Kelly excels as a Physical Therapist not only because of her intuitive sense of her patient’s needs, but because she LISTENS. Having seen numerous healthcare practitioners following arduaous ankle neurosurgery, I became disenchanted with therapy options. Until I became a patient of Kelly. She patiently listens at each appointment, allowing me to share my current symptoms. Thorugh her skillful care and guidance, my ankle and other musculoskeletal issues have greately improved. Kelly is an outstanding PT!!
    ~ Jody S., Alton, IL
  • I attended a Free Golf Swing clinic with Kelly, which also included a complimentary swing analysis. Based on my movements, Kelly identified a REALLY tight muscle that’s tough to get to (I think it was the psoas muscle?). Kelly worked the knots out of that muscle and I have not had knee, hip or back pain since!! Kelly is BRILLIANT, caring and talented. I will be using her services again!!
    ~ Stacey M., Alton, IL
  • Kelly is awesome. She has treated myself, my wife and my daughter. She has provided all of us great care and provided us a treatment plan that allowed us to recover quickly and is always willing to fit us in whenever we need her. I highly recommend her to everyone that is needing treatment for injuries or injury prevention.
    ~ John K., Alton, IL
  • My son was faced with possibly quitting baseball all together after suffering a back injury in the very first game of his Junior season. After several therapy sessions with another PT, he was extremely discouraged as he faced no improvement to his symptoms. We were trying everything the orthopedic physician recommended, even chiropractic treatment. Only minimal improvement resulted and at one point regressed to worse than his initial injury. A friend recommended Kelly to us. I reached out to her leaving a message, which she promptly returned my call. She was very thorough, inquiring every single detail of what activities my son is involved in, leading up to the current situation. She explained every tdetail of how she analyzes and gives her synopsis of where she believes the problems may be originating and then goes on to explain how she plans to overcome them and prepare to avoid the issue returning. She was very flexible with my schedule and my son’s and was willing to work with us and st up a payment system that worked for us and our busy family. Where other treatment fell short and failed to alleviate my son’s pain and improve his function, Kelly succeeded. He almost lost his whole Junior season of baseball but was able to pitch in the last game fo the year. He spent the summer getting stronger as well as an occasional appointment with Kelly to make sure he was progressing properly. He now is nearing the end of his Senior season with good results and none of that would have been possible without everything Kelly McCormick did for him!! She is AWESOME!!
    ~ Jeff Z., Morro, IL
  • Kelly has helped me to nail down the cause of my pain in my shoulder. But more importantly, she has helped me understand how to correct it through daily exercises and stretches. Kelly not only cares about my initial complaint of my shoulder, but also my whole body. She found other things that were affecting me that I didn’t even tell her about. She was able to relieve pain that I was ignoring and “living” with. She is a great therapist as well as person. She truly cares about you and your whole body’s health, not just your primary complaint that you walk in the door with. Thanks Kelly for all your heartfelt caring and instruction for a healthy road to recovery!
    ~ Karen F., Godfrey, IL

Titleist Performance Institute Certified Medical Expert

TPI is the world's leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing.

Since its inception in 2003, TPI has studied thousands of golfers ranging from the top professional Tour players to weekend enthusiasts. An incredible amount of data on players of all shapes, sizes, ages, and fitness levels has been gathered during this time. Using this data, TPI discovered how a properly functioning body allows a player to swing a golf club in the most efficient way possible. Additionally, TPI has analyzed how physical limitations in a player’s body can adversely affect the golf swing and potentially lead to injury.