“Bridging the Gap between Rehab & Performance”

We are a Fee For Service, Mobile PT practice serving those who want to maximize quality of life, enjoyment and performance of sport/recreation through healthy movement patterns. Our One-on-One (Patient to PT) model allows for in-depth, personalized, uninterrupted evaluation and treatment which facilitates getting you better, faster! At McCormick PT & Athletic Rehab, you are an individual, not a number. We will sit down together and listen to your concerns, do a thorough physical evaluation of the whole body (we must address the whole body to resolve the ROOT of the issue), then come up with a plan of action together in order to achieve your personal goals. Every BODY is different, and our goal is always to cater to your individual needs and goals.
What is Fee For Service?
I choose to charge a flat rate per visit rather than going through your insurance because it removes barriers of insurance guidelines. Together, we can come up with the treatment plan, wellness program, or performance package that fits your needs. BONUS: You can submit your receipt for skilled Physical Therapy services to your insurance company for reimbursement.

“I work for the patient, not their insurance company.”

My name is Kelly McCormick, MPT and I have been a Physical Therapist for a decade. I obtained a Master of Physical Therapy degree in 2008 from Maryville University of St. Louis. I am a wife, a mom of 3 young boys, and have been a life-long athlete. I have always been completely fascinated with how the body works and am now living my dream of providing personalized rehabilitation and wellness services to athletes and active people of my community.

I have extensive experience in evaluation and treatment of athletes and persons who want to live an active and healthier lifestyle. You don’t have to have an injury to see me. Perhaps you want to prevent injury or maximize performance. I take pride in developing close relationships with my patients/clients to help them achieve their goals, big or small.

I am a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Medical Expert. With a thorough video golf swing analysis and physical screening, I can help golfers of any skill level identify physical limitations that affect the characteristics of their golf swing. We will then tailor a corrective action plan to fit your goals!

My professional career includes a strong background in manual therapy, functional movement assessment, and sport specific rehabilitation. I help my clients bridge the gap between rehab and performance.


  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified Medical Expert
  • Graston Technique: IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)
  • RockBlades: IANSM (Instrument Assisted NeuroSensory Modulation)
  • FMT Level I & II (Functional Movement Techniques)
  • RockTape: Functional Kinesiology Taping
  • Rehabilitation Yoga
  • APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor
  • Reike II Practitioner
My athletic background includes over 20 years of boxing, kickboxing, volleyball, and running, but I've also put many years into jiu-jitsu, weight lifting, softball, and soccer. Through college, I worked at Cloverleaf Golf Course in Alton, IL for 6 seasons and absolutely fell in love with the game, atmosphere, and people. I am so proud to now be a TPI Certified Medical Expert and can use my expertise to help golfers improve their game and longevity!!

Helping people be active is my passion. No matter your physical condition, I want to help you achieve your goals by starting from where you are right now. We can bridge the gap between rehab and performance together as a team.
Kelly McCormick, MPT